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Sprinkler Service Agreements

American Irrigation Is Your Professional Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair Company In Georgetown, Round Rock and Austin, TX.
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Reliable Sprinkler Service Agreements

A sprinkler technician in action, rebuilding a sprinkler system in a parking lot. The technician is inspecting and replacing pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads, with a car visible in the background

With regular use of your sprinkler system during the hot summer months in Georgetown and potentially year-round, tune-ups and maintenance should be top of mind. It’s no secret that your sprinkler system keeps your lawn looking healthy and vibrant. But when some of its components are out of whack, your landscape can suffer damage.

At American Irrigation Repair, we can recommend maintenance, tune-ups, repairs, or even installing a new system to protect the plants and turf you’ve worked so hard to maintain. By choosing a company that offers top-notch warranties and guarantees like ours, you can be confident in the quality of work delivered.

Sprinkler Service Agreements Offered By American Irrigation Repair

Our loyal customers are the reason behind our success. That’s why American Irrigation Repair goes above and beyond to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. Our company’s guarantees and warranties include:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 1 year prepaid club customer repair, modification, and extension warranty
  • 6 month repair, modification, and extension warranty
  • 1 year installation warranty
  • Product warranties
  • Utility damage warranty

Important Related Details

You won’t void your warranty even if you’ve modified your sprinkler system. That said, there are a few exclusions to be aware of. Damage caused by the following is not covered under warranty:

  • Lightning strike
  • Construction activity
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Mowers, vehicles, and equipment
  • Water containing rocks, debris, or dirt

If you need maintenance, a tune-up, repair services, or even a new install, American Irrigation Repair is your go-to irrigation specialist. Our commitment to our customers, the products we use, and our quality of work enable us to offer customers some of the best sprinkler service agreements in Georgetown, TX.

The Benefits Of Sprinkler Service Agreements For Homeowners

Your lawn and garden are a precious investment to you. They need an efficient, fully functional sprinkler system to grow and remain beautiful and healthy. With a sprinkler service agreement for your sprinkler system, you’ll have peace of mind.

You can be sure that your sprinkler system and, consequently, your lawn will be protected from unexpected problems. Having a service agreement in place means that your sprinkler system will be inspected frequently. Thanks to routine tune-ups and maintenance services, your irrigation specialist can catch and fix small problems before they cause equipment failure that could affect your turf and plants.

Moreover, if problems covered by a warranty arise with your system, the faulty parts or components will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

Restore Your Lawn’s Glory With American Irrigation Repair!

You can rest assured that American Irrigation Repair’s sprinkler system services will keep your lawn looking luscious and amazing. Our team has exemplary customer service, extensive experience, and the expertise to meet and exceed your expectations. Not to mention, we offer unmatched guarantees as described above.

Are you looking for premier sprinkler system services? Contact American Irrigation Repair to get started. Ask about our guarantees and warranties and how they can ensure you and your sprinkler system are protected.

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