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Sprinkler Head Adjustment

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Sprinkler Head Adjustment Services

Although rain offers some moisture, it’s usually not sufficient to keep your landscape healthy and vibrant. You can provide the water your grass and plants need with the help of a sprinkler system. Even then, your turf may suffer if your lawn is not evenly supplied with water. That’s where sprinkler head adjustments come in. When done by our team at American Irrigation Repair, sprinkler head adjustments in Georgetown, TX, will make maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn a breeze.

Adjustment Services We Offer

Sprinkler head adjustment involves fine-tuning the direction and position of sprinkler heads. Tweaking sprinkler heads allows water to be uniformly distributed to the desired areas. With proper adjustments, you can avoid underwatering or overwatering and achieve the lawn you desire.

There are different types of sprinkler heads we adjust. They include:

  • Impact Sprinkler Head: An impact sprinkler head rests on a rotating bearing, where it’s able to rotate 360° as water flows through it. If our technicians want to tweak this type of sprinkler head to change the flow rate, pressure, radius, or spray pattern of the water, there are various ways to get the job done. For instance, our irrigation specialist may adjust various parts of the impact head, such as the deflector shield and diffuser pin, to meet your lawn’s watering needs.
  • Pop-up Head: Do the sprays from your sprinklers have uneven patterns? Is water over-spraying onto your driveway? Our irrigation specialists can help. They will begin by assessing your lawn and then letting the sprinkler head rotate to watch where the water lands. This will determine what requires adjustment. Our technician will tweak the spray radius and water arc so you can get the most out of your sprinkler system. There are different ways our irrigation specialist can change the angle of the spray, including turning the entire body of the pop-up sprinkler head to achieve the correct spray angle.
  • Rotating Head: A rotating sprinkler head applies water in a particular arc. To attain the best coverage for your sprinkler head while keeping your sidewalk or patio dry, you may need our services. Our irrigation specialist will first turn the sprinkler system on to see the changes they are making. Then, they will tweak the rotor while watching the sprinkler to make sure they have the required angle for more efficient watering.

Why It’s Important To Adjust Your Sprinkler

A properly calibrated sprinkler head can prevent your plants and grass from getting damaged by overwatering or underwatering. When your lawn is supplied with the perfect amount of hydration at the right time, it will flourish and leave your neighbors green with envy.

Let Our Pros Adjust Your Sprinkler Heads!

Your sprinkler heads can become misaligned due to various reasons. Whatever the cause of the misalignment, our team at American Irrigation Repair will correctly align your sprinkler heads to ensure your grass and plants receive enough water when and where they need it.

Want the greenest, healthiest turf on the block? Call American Irrigation Repair for sprinkler adjustments in Georgetown, TX.

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