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Cost to Install Sprinkler System

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Cost to Install Sprinkler System

A person wearing a red shirt is positioned over an irrigation pipe as they work on installing a lawn sprinkler system
Irrigated Area (Square Feet) Approx. Lot Size Starting Price
1 – 2393 sq ft Partial Small City Lot
(Under .15 Acre)
2393 – 3500 sq ft Small City Lot
(Under .15 Acre)
$4340 – $5150
3500 – 5000 sq ft Regular City Lot
(.15-.2 Acre)
$5150 – $5560
5000 – 7000 sq ft Medium to Large City Lot
(.2-.3 Acre)
$5560 – $6135
7000 – 12000 sq ft .3 to .4 Acre Lot $6135 – $6950
12000 – 15000 sq ft Half Acre Lot $6950 – $7410
15000 sq ft and up 3/4 Acre Lot and up $7410
(Plus 40¢ per sq ft over 15000 sq ft)
Intricate designs, unique soil and site conditions, city permits, and inspections may cost extra.



Other Irrigation Systems Price
Tree Bubbler Systems Starting at $4340
Drip Systems Starting at $4340
Temporary Irrigation
(Above Ground)
Starting at $2545


To schedule a personalized sprinkler installation consultation, please call (512) 868-2129 with the following information:

  1. Approximate square footage or lot size of the area you need to irrigate.
  2. Type of irrigation system preferred. (Spray, Rotary, Drip, Tree)
  3. Preferred completion date of project.
  4. Your name, telephone number, and email address.
  5. Water source (Meter, Well, etc.)
  6. Preferred time and date of the consultation.

If you have any photos, surveys or sketches of the property you can email them to

Why we install premium sprinkler systems even though they cost a tad more

A few years back I hired a contractor to do some remodeling for me.  I’m going to be honest; I went with the lowest bid. I felt as though by choosing the contractor who was less expensive I was ensuring that there was no way I was going to be taken advantage of.  I can’t stand that sinking in my stomach I get when I get ripped off!

My wife and I were ecstatic after the job was completed – The smell of fresh paint and a new clean crisp fresh appearance!  We were proud to show off our new project to friends and family.  We were excited!

A few short months after I had the work done the real story unfolded.  Paint in one of my rooms starting peeling off the wall, nails used on the exterior starting rusting through the paint, water leaking in one of the walls from the rain, and we had a roof that leaked.  Most of the work had to be completely redone at a substantially higher price.  I realized that although I went with the low bid, after I factored in needing to redo all his work I actually ended up paying more than the highest bid I received.

We service hundreds of sprinkler systems installed by the lowest bidder every year.  We’ve been paid to re-design, re-install and repair thousands of the cheapest systems on the planet.  That’s been a great business for us, but honestly wasted a great deal of time and resources for our favorite customers.  I began offering new systems a few years ago after realizing that my team can do a better job, and install a premium system, that will better serve our customers.

Our premium systems are designed using our unique experience on over 70,871 completed projects.  We’ve learned special methods, and custom selected materials that will allow us to build a premium system at an affordable initial price that will save an average of $367 per year in water due to increased efficiency and maintenance costs over our competitors’ systems.   Plus, we’re the only company backing them with Justin’s Lifeboat Promise you can read about here.

If you are looking for the lowest initially priced system I completely understand, I’ve had to make those decisions due to finances from time to time – feel free to call my office for some recommendations on who can put in the lowest initial cost systems for you, we will be happy to make a recommendation and hope to earn your future business as a maintenance customer.

If however you are in the market to purchase a premium system that will provide you with the lowest long term cost which includes increased efficiency and lower maintenance cost, we would love to setup a personalized consultation with you to discuss our irrigation plan for your project. Our FAQ guide is a good place to start to see if you really need maintenance or repair.

In an effort to be as upfront as possible I have included some price ranges that you can expect our proposals to fall within for typical projects.

Justin Wilson
Owner, American Irrigation Repair

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