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Round Rock

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Round Rock Sprinkler Services

The city of Round Rock has a rich history dating back to the old days of American frontiersmanship. Today, the population continues to grow at one of the fastest rates in the entire country, and we’re confident new residents will find just as much to enjoy as long-time members of the community have. Walk along the former multi-state cattle-driving road that is now Chisholm Trail Crossing Park, or enjoy authentic Southwestern cuisine at Liberty Barbeque. You can even get into Round Rock’s rhythm at the Music on Main event that begins in early Fall. Our city is the kind of place that will make you feel right at home, but we recognize that there’s no home quite as special as the personal sanctuary you return to at the end of every day. In sunny Texas, the outside should be just as comfortable as the inside, too.

At American Irrigation Repair, we offer sprinkler installation and sprinkler maintenance in Round Rock, TX and surrounding areas. We’ll keep your grass happy so that you’re always happy to be home!

Professional Sprinkler Services In Round Rock, TX

Your lawn is a delicate ecosystem, and there are a number of environmental factors at work that can affect its health. It is important to combat your grass’ natural enemies with regular care, but if you’re relying only on self-watering, you may find that giving your lawn what it needs is easier said than done. A sprinkler system can handle that burden with greater ease, efficiency, and balance than manual upkeep will provide.

With over 70,000 completed jobs, the team at American Irrigation Repair is an expert in helping you get your lawn working for you. Below, we have detailed some of the services we offer in Texas.

Sprinkler Repair

Part of the genius behind a good sprinkler system is that it uses an intricate system to create a simple, user-friendly process for any homeowner. It is important to remember, however, that there are a variety of components that are susceptible to wear, malfunction, or unexpected disruption from the other parts of your yard. That’s why our team specializes in sprinkler repair in Round Rock, TX. We’re prepared to address faulty cycling or opening and closing mechanisms, missing or broken system components, leakages, wiring issues, and more.

Sprinkler Head Adjustment

Sprinkler heads just might be one of the most pivotal pieces of your system. They keep water flowing to the grass and plants that need it while keeping water off pathways and other areas where it would go to waste. They’re also one of the few components of an underground system that you will often see. The exposure they take on means they must be regularly checked for optimal functioning.

We offer sprinkler head adjustment in Round Rock, TX to ensure your heads are always in their right position, maintaining proper rotation, and free of overgrowth and debris.

Routine Sprinkler Care

Even if you aren’t experiencing a major malfunction, routine sprinkler maintenance in Round Rock, TX is a great way to maximize what your system has to offer. On an annual basis, you can call us to have your backflow tested as part of your preparations for the coming season.

Additionally, while natural rainfall can’t always be trusted to keep your yard lush and green, maintaining an automatic rain sensor will prevent overwatering. If any above-ground pieces of your system go missing or fall into disrepair, our team is here to provide a simple fix before it becomes a larger issue.

Sprinkler Installation

Are you ready to put down the hose? Sprinkler installation in Round Rock, TX is a worthy investment in your quality of life and the value of your home. Our professionals are highly familiar with the multi-step procedure we’ll undertake to set up your system, so you’ll never have to stress.

We will determine the appropriate water pressure for your home, set up accessible valves that ensure the water flows where it is needed, and plot the proper locations for sprinkler heads based on your lawn’s layout. Once your system is fully connected, you can program it with ease to start saving water, money, and time.

It’s Time to Discover Your Outdoor Oasis!

It may be true that lawns—like everything—are bigger in Texas, but lawn problems certainly don’t have to be. When you place your trust in American Irrigation Repair for sprinkler repair in Round Rock, TX, you’ll find a lush, green sanctuary awaits you. We’ll give your grass exactly what it thirsts for with unparalleled consistency and simplicity. Call us to schedule your appointment today!

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