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Complete Sprinkler System Rebuild

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Complete Sprinkler Rebuild Services

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An efficient sprinkler system keeps your plants happy and healthy and saves on water. But if yours is far from efficient, you may want to consider a sprinkler system rebuild. A rebuild only takes a day or two and will ensure your lawn and garden look as beautiful as ever.

At American Irrigation Repair, we offer premier sprinkler system rebuild services in Georgetown, TX that can enhance performance and revamp your landscape.

Professional Sprinkler Rebuilds

Our professional technician will start by thoroughly evaluating your current sprinkler system, looking for signs of leaks, clogs, wear, and tear. The assessment will determine whether you need a rebuild, the budget, and the timeline for your project.

When rebuilding your sprinkler system, choosing the right components can greatly improve efficiency and save you money in the long run. Our irrigation specialist can suggest various options. Some key components to consider include:

  • Sprinkler Heads: Installing sprinkler heads that meet the needs of your turf and plants.
  • Fittings and Pipes: Replacing old fittings and pipes with more efficient and durable options.
  • Valves: Upgrading to high-quality and durable valves minimizes leaks and improves water distribution.
  • Moisture Sensors: Adding moisture sensors to prevent overwatering or underwatering.
  • Smart Controller: Utilizes moisture sensors and weather data to change watering schedules automatically. Depending on the controller, you can even monitor and adjust its settings remotely through smartphone apps.

The Process Of Sprinkler System Rebuilds

A complete sprinkler rebuild can be a complex process. Plus, it needs specialized skills. That’s why it should be left to the experts to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The first thing an irrigation specialist will do before rebuilding your sprinkler system is decide where it will go, routing the pipes around existing trees, walkways, and utility lines. Next, the technician will inspect your pre-existing water line. Often, new sprinkler systems tap into that water line.

The irrigation specialists will then dig about 12-inch deep trenches in your yard to accommodate all the fittings and pipes. After digging the trenches, the technicians will place the pieces of equipment in their required positions and bury them. The irrigation specialists will finally install the controller and weather sensor.

They will program the controller based on your needs and perform a test run. Before leaving, the technicians will clean up. They’ll also recommend best practices, including routine maintenance and tune-up programs to ensure your sprinkler system works at peak performance for the long haul.

Benefits Of Professional Sprinkler Rebuild Services

With professional rebuild services, you can be sure the job will be done right the first time. An experienced irrigation specialist will rebuild a more efficient and effective sprinkler system, and that highly efficient system will conserve water, consequently lowering your water bills. This will save you a lot of time and money, not to mention potential headaches. What’s more, you’ll be able to maintain a more sustainable landscape.

Top-of-the-Line Sprinkler System Rebuild Services

American Irrigation Repair is a top choice for sprinkler system rebuilds in Georgetown, TX. If you need a rebuild or want to know whether you require one, call us to get started. Our team will meet and exceed your expectations.

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