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Georgetown Expert Sprinkler Services

Georgetown, TX, is home to an abundance of natural and manmade sites of beauty. Not only do we boast of having the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas, but there are also magical experiences to be had at Blue Hole Park and the Inner Space Cavern, to name a few. It’s only natural that residents would want their lawns to be beautiful, too. Yet, if you’re out and about taking in all that Georgetown has to offer, you may not have the time to cater to your lawn’s hydration the way you want to.

At American Irrigation Repair, we offer sprinkler installation and sprinkler maintenance in Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas. We’ll do the work to ensure your grass stays lush and vibrant all year round!

Sprinkler Services We Offer

In Georgetown’s climate, many factors can inform the health of your lawn, such as the grass type, soil type, watering schedule, and the ratio of sun versus shade. While not all of these components of your yard are able to be controlled, you can be sure that a professional sprinkling system will do a lot to keep your grass happy. Sprinklers offer an easy, automatic solution that will prevent you from second-guessing about how to give your lawn the care it needs.

Below, we have detailed some of the sprinkler services in Georgetown, TX we offer at American Irrigation Repair:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Head Adjustment
  • Maintenance

Sprinkler Installation

If you’re thinking about setting up a new sprinkler system on your property, you need to know you can trust the company assisting you. Sprinkler installation in Georgetown, TX is a detailed process, but with nearly 71,000 completed jobs, American Irrigation Repair will ensure your system works seamlessly. Our professionals will connect the sprinkler piping to your water line, ensure water flow control, properly place the sprinkler heads and irrigation tubing, and mount a programmable timer. After that, you’ll hardly have to lift a finger to keep your grass and plants free from thirst!

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler system issues can pop up, and while they may be an inconvenience, our top-notch service will get things right back to where they should be. This may involve repairing a leaking pipe or sprinkler head, freeing a blockage, or addressing root overgrowth. We will ensure no water goes to waste and that your sprinkler heads are working properly. American Irrigation Repair specializes in sprinkler repair in Georgetown, TX, so you can enjoy your personal oasis without interruption.

Sprinkler Head Adjustment

Adjusting sprinkler heads is a simple and necessary part of keeping your system functioning properly. Doing so will keep your lawn evenly watered and healthy while preventing future sprinkler issues and water waste. We offer sprinkler head adjustment in Georgetown, TX to ensure your heads are aligned with where water is needed and that they’re rotating correctly.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Although we are blessed with fairly mild weather here in Central Texas, sprinkler systems should receive regular maintenance to accommodate the changes the seasons can bring. In spring and summer, you may want to have your sprinklers’ backflow tested or have a rain sensor installed for automatic shutoff in case of heavy precipitation. You may choose to address these essential practices in the Fall instead in preparation for the cooler weather Winter brings.

It’s also a good idea to have pipes exposed to the outdoors insulated during this time to anticipate unexpected overnight lows. Any time of year, you’ll want to be sure that there are no parts of your lawn that are receiving too much water exposure or that your pathways are being watered instead of your plants and grass. At American Irrigation Repair, we’re happy to take annual sprinkler maintenance in Georgetown, TX off your hands.

Love Your Lawn Like a Pro!

Any homeowner knows that there are many processes involved with keeping your household in tip-top shape. Yet, there’s no better feeling than arriving back at home to see that everything is in order and you can simply relax. Where this is concerned, it never hurts to have a helping hand. The automaticity a sprinkler system offers takes care of one piece of household upkeep, so you can focus on the many other important parts of your life. These systems give your plants and lawn the consistency they need to thrive.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your yard, now is a great time to call American Irrigation Repair for sprinkler maintenance and sprinkler installation in Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas!

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