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Sprinkler System Installation

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Expert Sprinkler System Installation Services

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Georgetown, TX is a great place to build a sense of community and enjoy time with family. A crucial part of gathering with friends, neighbors, and loved ones is having a welcoming home. With the mild weather we enjoy year-round in our area, the outdoor space surrounding your home can be just as important as the indoors. One of the best ways to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn is by installing a new sprinkler system. At American Irrigation Repair, we specialize in sprinkler installation in Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas.

What Kinds of Sprinkler Systems Do We Offer?

Sprinkler systems are composed of many parts, including sprinkler heads and controller units. Throughout the years, there have been several industry innovations that have made different systems impressively sophisticated to fit your needs.

At American Irrigation Repair, our technicians are prepared to install any one of the following:

  • Nelson Sprinkler System
  • Hardie, Toro, and Irritrol Sprinkler Systems
  • Rain Bird Sprinkler System
  • Hunter Sprinkler System
  • Freeze Sensors
  • Rain Sensors

What Do Different Sprinkler Systems Offer?

Determining the right sprinkler system for your home can be challenging. The sprinkler pros at American Irrigation Repair are prepared to guide you through your decision to ensure your home comfort is maximized. Below we have listed and described the different advantages of various sprinkler systems in Georgetown, TX.

Hunter Sprinkler Systems

Hunter controllers can water different parts of your yard at different times for even growth and hydration. This system can work with the weather in real-time to determine how much watering your lawn needs on an ongoing basis. The various Hunter sprinkler heads provide watering solutions for large grassy areas or smaller, irregularly shaped yards.

Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems

Rain Bird popularized the use of impact sprinkler heads, which pivot in a circular motion to distribute water uniformly across your lawn. Rain Bird’s comprehensive system kits are designed for simplicity of use and installation, which can even work with your hose. The system’s specialized equipment can reduce water usage by 30% and can accurately target shrubs for more promising growth.

Nelson Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems designed by Nelson are highly differentiated with elegant, state-of-the-art components to suit specific needs. The spray nozzles are specially designed for rapid, easy removal of debris clogging.

Hardie, Toro, and Irritrol Sprinkler Systems

These sprinkler systems work together to provide you with a host of options for user interaction. Their outdoor controller units expertly handle exposure to different weather patterns and are equipped with automated circuit breakers to prevent electrical issues. The most modern models have cross-device capability for use on mobile phones and personal computers, as well as data-syncing compatibility with the cloud.

Freeze Sensors

By installing freeze sensors, your sprinkler system will be temporarily paused if the temperature drops to the point that water dispersal would be wasteful or encourage the formation of ice on pathways. This protects your lawn’s aesthetic appeal, the continuous performance of your sprinklers, and the safety of you and your family.

Rain Sensors

Similar to freeze sensors, rain sensors will put a stop to watering in the event that natural rainfall provides your lawn with extra hydration. This prevents unnecessary water waste, in addition to protecting your lawn from superfluous watering that can contribute to yard flooding and damaged plant life.

When Your Lawn Is Happy, You Can Be Too

Having an array of sprinkler system options at your disposal means you can always give your grass and plants what they need so you can enjoy them every day. Knowing the right company to trust with sprinkler system installation in Georgetown, TX means you get the most out of your equipment for the years to come. Call American Irrigation Repair today for unparalleled sprinkler system installation at your home!

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