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Sprinkler Repair

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Sprinkler Repair in Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park residents can enjoy their lawns every season thanks to mild winters where temperatures rarely dip below freezing. However, this means watering the grass is a year-round job. If your sprinkler system goes on the fritz, your lawn may suffer quickly, especially in the scorching Central Texas summer. 

Whether you need preventative maintenance or urgent sprinkler repair in Cedar Park, TX, American Irrigation Repair has you covered. As a locally owned and operated company, we have special knowledge about the needs of Cedar Park residents and their lawns. We will quickly and professionally get your irrigation system back online.  

Sprinkler Repair Services for Cedar Park, TX

With great public schools, a strong economy, and outstanding diversity, it’s clear why Cedar Park offers some of the best suburban living in Texas.

What’s also clear is that lawns are central to the way of life here. Cedar Park boasts plentiful parks, over half a dozen golf courses dot the area, and two-thirds of city residents own their homes. At American Irrigation Repair, we help homeowners and business owners keep their piece of paradise lush and green.

When you hire us for sprinkler repair in Cedar Park, TX, we will take care of the following:

  • Adjusting or replacing sprinkler heads
  • Repairing or replacing sprinkler system water lines
  • Unclogging blocked nozzles
  • Inspecting the rain and freeze sensors
  • Checking the backflow preventer
  • Repairing failing zone valves

Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair

Sometimes, it’s obvious when your sprinkler system needs TLC. Other times, less so. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to call American Irrigation Repair for service: 

  • Malfunctioning heads:  Sprinkler heads that sputter, spray the wrong areas, or don’t rotate completely need attention.
  • Uneven watering: If water pools in certain sections of your lawn or doesn’t seem to reach other areas, we may need to adjust or fix sprinkler heads or valves.
  • Soil erosion: If you see cracks in your soil, bare patches on your lawn, dirt-stained walkways, or soil buildup in certain areas, you may have an erosion problem.
  • Loss of water pressure: Too little pressure in certain areas or the system as a whole indicates a malfunction. In addition to jeopardizing the health of your lawn, too little pressure can harm your irrigation equipment.
  • Leaky valves: Keep an eye out for excessively wet spots on your lawn, wet driveways or walkways, or systems that won’t turn off completely, which may suggest valve issues.  
  • A high water bill: A leak in the pipes may be letting water escape from the system, raising your monthly bill.

Other Sprinkler Services in Cedar Park, TX

As the local irrigation specialists in Cedar Park, we do more than just fix sprinkler problems when they pop up. American Irrigation Repair also offers the following services:

Sprinkler Installation

Whether you just bought a new home or want to replace your current sprinklers, American Irrigation Repair can get your new system up and running. Review our cost for installing a new automated sprinkler system.

We will help you choose, install, and program the right system for your plants and property. Our technicians have the knowledge and the skills to professionally install a variety of industry-leading sprinkler brands — including Hunter, Rain Bird, Nelson, and more — as well as rain and freeze sensors.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Like any other equipment, sprinkler systems work best with regular maintenance. All American Irrigation Repair maintenance service calls begin with a thorough examination of your system, including inspecting each sprinkler head, checking your rain sensor, and testing each irrigation zone.

We will clean, replace, or reprogram any faulty components if we notice any issues. We will also set your irrigation controller to the right settings for the current season, ensure your system isn’t wasting water, and even retrofit existing sprinkler systems with smart controls.

Sprinkler Head Adjustments

A healthy lawn depends on properly functioning sprinkler heads. At American Irrigation Repair, we know how to expertly calibrate all kinds of sprinkler heads, including pop-up, impact, and rotating models. 

We will reposition and test your sprinkler heads to meet your lawn’s needs for maximum optimization. Whether we need to tweak the pressure, flow rate, angle, spray radius, or water arc, our team will apply the adjustments needed to ensure uniform water distribution.  

Let American Irrigation Repair Keep Your Lawn Lush

No matter the season, you want to keep your lawn looking its best. Let the irrigation specialists at American Irrigation Repair make it easier. For year-round sprinkler maintenance, installation, and repair in Cedar Park, TX, call us at (512) 943-6080.

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