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How To Choose an Irrigation Contractor in Austin, TX

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How To Choose an Irrigation Contractor in Austin, TX

Choosing an Irrigation Contractor

The success of your irrigation system in Texas depends largely on the contractor you choose to design and install it. An irrigation system contractor’s expertise and skills will affect your sprinkler system’s efficiency and reliability. For over 10 years American Irrigation Repair in Georgetown, TX has provided the highest quality and most reliable service in central Texas.

In fact, how your irrigation system is designed and installed will make the difference between a system that continues to keep your lawn healthy and green, and one that creates problems by wasting water and leaving your lawn unhealthy and brown. Choosing the right contractor is a big decision, but it is not as difficult as you may think.

Why Texans Choose American Irrigation Repair

    1. We are fast, knowledgeable, and provide excellent service after the sale
    2. We will make recommendations only after listening carefully to your needs, and then clearly explain the options available.
    3. We always provide you with formal estimates detailing the total price of the work to be performed, materials, and labor.
    4. We always clearly explain all the project specifics in a way you will understand.
    5. American Irrigation Repair will take all necessary steps to avoid damage to plant material, and turf
    6. We work with experienced crews to minimize job time. Many repairs take less than an hour
    7. We will provide excellent after-sale service. Our customers know that our after-sale service is what makes us shine. Let us show you the difference today!
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