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Sprinkler Services in Andice, TX

The incredible climate of Andice, TX, makes for hot and humid summers with mild winters. The climate is so unique that it is categorized as “subtropical”. A subtropical climate makes for pleasant weather and it is incredibly effective for plant growth as evidenced by the nearby vineyards in Bertram. 

Alongside those vineyards, people in Andice grow incredible lawns. Where there are incredible lawns, there are sprinkler systems — and the need for sprinkler services. For local sprinkler services, there is only American Irrigation. 

At American Irrigation, we offer comprehensive sprinkler services in Andice, TX, and the surrounding areas. To keep a lawn as lush and vibrant as the Andice climate, we provide system repairs, such as irrigation systems, sprinkler repairs, maintenance services, and more. For whatever your lawn needs, consider American Irrigation and the many services we provide! 

Sprinkler Repair 

Whether through damage from typical use or a particular incident, a lawn in Andice, TX, may require sprinkler repair from time to time. Common signs that your sprinkler system or sprinkler head needs repair include:

  • Ineffective watering that leads to muddy spots on lawns
  • Buzzing sound near valve boxes
  • Water in valve boxes 
  • Dry, brown, or yellow patches on the lawn 
  • Water leaks from sprinkler 
  • High water bill 

A sprinkler system in need of repair doesn’t just impact the health of a lawn — it can impact the size of your wallet as well. A damaged sprinkler tends to use more water to do less due to how ineffective it becomes. It’s important to have an expert inspect your sprinkler system consistently to ensure small problems don’t rise to large costs. 

In some instances, due to a faulty initial installation or if the damage is too extensive, you may even need a complete system rebuild. Luckily, American Irrigation provides an expert-backed rebuild as part of our sprinkler services in Andice, TX. 

Full System Rebuild for Sprinkler System in Andice, TX 

When your current sprinkler system is underserving you and your lawn, it may be time to consider a full system rebuild. If a high energy bill is leading only to a subpar lawn, your sprinkler system may be ineffective. A full system rebuild from the irrigation specialists at American Irrigation can boost your system’s efficiency leading to a green lawn and wallet. 

A rebuild with American Irrigation can upgrade your sprinkler system to include the most up-to-date technology when it comes to irrigation systems such as: 

Upgraded Sprinkler Heads

We offer sprinkler heads that can be discreet and specialized to address the needs of your specific lawn and plants. 

Reinforced Fittings and Pipes 

Not only do the pipes we offer improve efficiency and prevent leaks today, but their durable material creates long-lasting peace of mind and green-flourishing growth of lawns. 

Superior Valves 

A faulty valve can drown your lawn and sink your savings in repairs. Replaced valves can improve water efficiency by preventing leaks. 

Moisture Sensors

With new advances in technology, moisture sensors help prevent costly overwatering and damaging underwatering. These calibrated sensors can help lower costs while boosting lawn health.

Smart Control 

Water scheduling doesn’t need to be the head-scratching endeavor it can be with smart control. Smart control utilizes lawn information and weather updates to create the most flexible, accurate watering routine so your lawn stays green and vibrant. 

Schedule Sprinkler Services Today!

Whether you need sprinkler repairs, a complete rebuild, a new installation, or anything in between, make sure you choose the right people for the job. American Irrigation offers a full list of sprinkler services in Andice, TX, from repairs to rebuilds and maintenance to prevent both. Call 512-943-6080 today to schedule a service!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprinkler Services in Andice, TX

Do I Need Sprinkler Maintenance or Repair? 

You typically need sprinkler maintenance once a season and need sprinkler repair if your lawn is not being watered properly. 

What To Do If Sprinkler System Won’t Shut Off?

If your sprinkler system isn’t shutting off, check your sprinkler timer and turn it off. If your sprinkler timer is off, but water persists, then turn off the main shut-off.

Where Is My Main Shut-off Located?

A main shut-off is located above ground, right where the irrigation system runs into your yard.

Who Should I Call for Sprinkler Services in Andice, TX? 

When you need expert sprinkler services in Andice, TX, call the experts at American Irrigation. With years of professional experience, we’ve kept hundreds of lawns happy and would be happy to help yours too!

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